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Justin Bieber Does the Dougie, Kanye Responds to George Bush – The Toast

I know that look…you’re hungry for Toast, aren’t you? Well, you’re in luck! Here’s what the celebs did with their time this week:

Star Gazing

OMG, Justin Bieber taught Ellen to Dougie this week. “What’s the Dougie?” you ask? Only the hottest dance around! This one even works for white people because they tell us exactly where to put our feet.

Former President Bush (Jr.) says Kanye West’s labeling him as a racist was the low point of his time in office. The former leader told Oprah the incident was “disgusting,” prompting Kanye to appear on Today to offer an apology.

Tube Talk

Conan O’Brien is back! The ginger funnyman launched his show on TBS to outstanding ratings, beating Jay Leno on premiere night. Coco’s good friend Jack White even dropped by to jam with the host in an episode that brought in more than four million viewers.

Oprah sat down with Michael Jackson’s parents and their 479 grandchildren this week. During the interview, Joe Jackson admitted to beating his children with a strap, saying it kept them on the right path.

Reel World

Denzel is back on the big screen alongside Chris Pine in Unstoppable. The two star as engineers shouldered with the task of stopping a runaway train loaded with toxins before it wipes out every town in its path.

Harrison Ford and Rachel McAdams team up for Morning Glory. Ford plays a seasoned news anchor thrust into a morning talk show with a focus on fluff. Rachel plays the producer trying to hold it all together, sacrificing her love life in the process.

That, and plenty more awaits. Share the link when you’re finished!