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Moore Pranked By Paisley

Brad Paisley is well known for his pranks. You can’t forget the prank he pulled on Kellie Pickler. Well, he struck again during his H2O World Tour 2010 Saturday
in Tulsa (11/20), and opener Justin Moore must have walked
away thinking, “Pranks for the memories.” Justin usually starts off with a musical intro but this time Brad’s people took over and and played Randy Newman’s ‘Short People,’ then introduced him as the ‘Tiny Tornado.’ Well, that wasn’t the end of it. While Moore was playing “I Could Kick Your Ass” several of Paisley’s crew memebers came out and used hot pink duct tape and taped him to the dolly, put a blonde wig and lipstick on him. If you follow this link to see the video then you can see all the goodies that Paisley planned. It’s great! Rrooff!!!