Despite government safety regulations and advancements in manufacturing technology, dangerous toys still hit the market. World Against Toys Causing Harm has been evaluating potential safety flaws and dangers in toys for more than three decades. Each year, the Boston nonprofit identifies 10 toys it considers hazardous.

Spy Gear Split-Blaster
Hazard: Potential for eye injuries
WATCH notes that this dart gun, which was sold at Toy R Us and made by Wold Planet Entertainment, can shoot two darts at once with enough force to potentially cause eye injuries.

Supasplat Splatblaster
Hazard: Potential for eye, face, or other injuries
This toy gun, which was sold at K Mart and made by Tech Group (USA) LLC, shoots “splatballs” at a high velocity that can cause injuries, WATCH says. WATCH also notes that while the packaging advises children to use the supplied safety glasses “at all times,” other instructions on the packaging actually state that the “glasses can not provide an actual protection.”

Buzz Magnets
Hazard: Potential for choking and internal injuries
WATCH notes that this toy, which contains “polished, high-powered, oval shaped magnets,” can cause severe internal injuries if the magnets are swallowed by a child. The magnets were sold on

Kung Fu Panda Sword of Heroes
Hazard: Potential for impact injuries
This toy sword, based on the popular Kung Fu Panda movie, is made of rigid plastic and can cause serious injuries if it makes impact with a person’s face, or other areas, according to WATCH. The toy was made by Mattel and sold at Toys R Us.

Ballzillion Tug Boat Play Center
Hazard: Potential for “injury or death”
Despite the fact that this inflatable tugboat is advertised for indoor and outdoor use, and features a photo of a child standing on the toy, the packaging states that it is “not intended to be used as a flotation device” and advises that children not stand on the tugboat, adding that failure to follow the instructions could result in “injury or death.” It was sold at Toys R Us.

My First Mini Cycle
Hazard: Potential for head injuries
WATCH notes that this plastic mini cycle, which is marketed for toddlers as young as 18 months old, sits so low to the ground that it can create a fall hazard if used outdoors. Also, despite the fact that the toy instructions say that the toy requires the use of a helmet, the child pictured on the box is not wearing any safety gear. It was sold at Toys R Us.

Pull Along Caterpillar
Hazard: Potential for choking injuries
This wooden pull-toy, which was sold at Toys R Us stores, includes a “breakaway pull string” that can present a choking hazard to 12-month-old babies, which this toy is marketed for, according to WATCH.

Animal Alley Pony
Hazard: Potential for ingestion and aspiration injuries
This toy, which was marketed for infants and sold at Toys R Us, has long, fiber-like hair that is easily removable, creating the possibility of injuries if ingested, WATCH says, adding that the hazard is not noted anywhere on the product.

Big Bang Rocket
Hazard: Potential for hearing loss
The warning on the throw-away packaging states that the loud noise produced by the toy, which is comparable to the noise made by a cap gun, can cause “damage to hearing if misused.” The toy was sold at

Walkaroo II Aluminum Stilts
Hazard: Potential for head and other injuries
WATCH says that these stilts, which are made for children as young as 5 years old, have safety instructions advising the user to “always remain in control of [their] motions” while balancing on the toy – which doesn’t appear to be a plausible request for a 5-year-old using stilts.