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Sibling Present Backlash

I LOVE this time of year! The holiday displays, the good cheer and my favorite part, picking out the perfect gifts for my family and friends!

But when it comes to picking out something for my mom and dad, this is the 2nd year in a row that my siblings have done the picking for me! And I’m not happy about it!

Here’s what happened. Last year, I get an email from my sister in L.A. saying she bought mom and dad an Ipod for Christmas and wouldn’t “it be great if I got them some iTunes gift cards to go with it”! I felt just a little bit of pressure to go along with it, even though I KNEW mom and dad would never use an iPod! (by the way, they rarely use it…they prefer listening to local radio, thank you very much!).

So guess what….this year, my brother sends me an email, telling me he bought dad a Kindle so I should get him a gift card to download some eBooks, and he’s putting money towards getting mom a Disneyland Passport, so could I do the same.

Am I being unreasonable that I’d like to pick their presents? I mean, if it was my sister’s spouse, or my brothers kid, that’s one thing. But our parents? Maybe I AM being ridiculous. Maybe it stems from me being the youngest (of four kids) and having grown up with so many of my decisions being made for me by my siblings. I’m an adult now, and I’d like to pick out my mom and dads gifts. So THERE (Yes, I just stuck out my tongue).

Well, in the end I sent my brother back an email simply saying “Thanks Bro, but I already got their gifts”. Not completely true, I’d only gotten dads, but it sure made me feel better!