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Brad Paisley gives away hat off his head

Last Saturday, Brad Paisley and Darius were in concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma finishing out the final H2O World Tour when 7th grader, Sierra, caught his eye. Sierra was one of two 7th grade friends who were supposed to be at the concert together. Sierra’s friend Kenya, who had previously been diagnosed with cancer and undergone a round of chemo, had been told she could not go to the concert since her recent blood count came back low.

Sierra made a sign and went to the show. The sign she made had a picture of Kenya and said ‘Cancer Sucks and Brad and Darius Rock’ with a story about Kenya. The sign caught the eye of the some workers who moved her to the front row. The sign then caught Brad’s eye. Brad took off his Stetson and handed the hat to Sierra telling her to give it to her friend.

Brad’s gesture did not end there, after the show, Brad sent his staff out to retrieve Sierra and his Stetson so he could autograph the hat for Kenya. He also autographed a hat for Sierra.