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Best Grandparent Gifts

If there are certain members of the family that I believe deserve the BEST when it comes to Christmas gifts, it has to be the Grandparents!

Think of all they do for you! They’re generous, sweet, babysit the kids for you when you’re in a bind and are really appreciative no matter what you give them. But should you get them another cute handprint plate from the kids? Well according to, a provider of home-in-care for seniors, they asked what seniors wanted for Christmas and brought on by the tough economy, most are actually very practical in what they want (i.e. NEED) this holiday season.

Here is the list of the top presents that seniors said they wanted according to Homeinstead:

10 Popular and Economical Gifts for Seniors

1. Blankets or Throws

2. Slippers and Socks

3. Toiletries such as lotions, bath soaps, cologne and perfume

4. Pajamas and Robes

5. Food such as sausages, cheeses and chocolates

6. Kitchen and Bath Towels

7. Clothes such as sweat pants, sweaters and underwear

8. Large-Print Books and Puzzles

9. Cards and Stamps

10. Gift Certificates to grocery and discount stores. Don’t forget companionship services.

I actually think the gift cards for grocery stores is great. And you could still include a handmade craft item from the grandkids included with the gift card to personalize it. But not on the list, and I was a little surprised, were gift cards to the movies! Wouldn’t it be great to give them some gift cards to the movies and include a note that you would love to take them to the movies (especially if they no longer can drive themselves). This way you’re giving them time with you as well. Lots of Grandparents would LOVE a little more time with their kids and grandkids!

As far as perfume? Unless you know exactly the perfume that Grandma loves, I say it’s a no go, but that’s my opinion.

Hope this list helps, but must of all, I still believe spending time with the Grandparents is the best gift of all! And it’s a pretty good fit for you too! :)