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Miley High on Salvia and a Kate Gosselin Meltdown in Alaska – The Toast

Wanna poke fun at pop culture from a safe distance? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s Toast.

Star Gazing

he already famous Miley Cyrus salvia video continues to cause controversy. While parents cry afoul, saying the pop star is setting a bad example by toking the hallucinogenic, Miley’s fans have launched a campaign of hate against Anna Oliver, the girl who leaked the video.
Nicolas Cage is giving us no reason to stop believing he’s certifiable. A cell phone video hit the Net this week, showing the actor flipping out at the door of a Romanian nightclub, yelling random threats at a perplexed couple.

Tube Talk

Kate Gosselin wigged the heck out on the set of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and the footage has thankfully made it to the airwaves. The Gosselin clan was set to camp out with Sarah and crew, but Mama G couldn’t handle the cold. Kate bailed, despite the kids’ pleas to stay.
Hugh Jackman nearly lost an eye while dropping in on Oprah in Australia. The actor’s plan for a grand entry via zipline went awry when he slammed into a production light, sending a shard of glass into his eye.

Reel World

Yogi Bear has hopped from the small screen to the big one for Yogi Bear: 3D. The live action/animation combo tells the story of the picnic basket stealing bear and his sidekick Yogi as they try to keep Jellystone Park from falling into the wrong hands.
How Do You Know (That’s right, no question mark,) has hit theaters as well. This 120 million-dollar romantic comedy stars Reese Witherspoon as a gal forced to choose between two men with contrasting personalities. Not exactly an original plot, and not exactly a great flick.

That, and plenty more awaits. Bonus points for passing on the link when you’re finished!