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Addicted to Farmville

I do believe I’ve become addicted to Farmville. But I don’t take complete blame, thank you very much! I blame my wonderful Facebook friends who got me to start playing Farmville and then continue me on the path of Farmville addiction by enticing me with lots of free gifts and animal hands!

I can’t help myself! The thrill of constantly acquiring new items or leveling up can be very addicting. Are you like me? All kidding aside, I love Farmville but I can give it up (and actually have) if I want to. But if you are a true addict, you are not alone! Farmville is one of the most popular Facebook games and you can always find new Farmville friends.

So I was curious about how someone were to go about quitting Farmville! And, of course, wouldn’t you know that eHow had some tips! Of COURSE I will share them with you, but just so YOU know, I still am not giving up Farmville yet! But I will let my plots sit longer before I seed ! LOL! Here are the tips to Quit Farmville Addiction:

  1. Admit that you have a problem with Farmville addiction. You cannot treat the problem if you do not admit it exists. Look back on how much time you spent on Farmville last week. If you regret spending all of that time on the game or believe you could have better spent the time doing something else more productive, then you likely have a problem.

  2. Block all of Farmville messages on Facebook account in the account settings section. Once activated, you will not receive any messages from your friends or administrators about the Farmville game. A major draw of Farmville is that the developer is constantly adding new items that can be purchased as well as interacting with your friends about the game. Once you stop receiving messages about Farmville, you will stop thinking about the game.

  3. Remove all trees and animals that require constant care from your farm. Plant only crops have long growing seasons such as potatoes. This will keep you from constantly going back to log into the game and prevent you from planting new crops as your plots will all be occupied.

  4. Delete your Farmville neighbors so that you are not tempted to play by your friends. You should tell them you are cutting down with Farmville so they can help you avoid the game. Many people are willing to help out when they find out that you want to stop playing the game. You may even give your friends an excuse to quit themselves. Nothing is more powerful than quitting together.

  5. Schedule other activities at a time when you normally would spend to playing Farmville. Good examples are scheduling exercise, yoga, reading a book etc. Exercise in particular can provide a similar high as Farmville and can also be just as enjoyable. Exercising also has the advantage of getting you into shape.

  6. Find some non-Farmville friends to spend your time with. Many people who quit playing Farmville miss the social interaction from the game. Finding friends who do other activities will give you new interests to spend you time.

  7. If none of these ideas cure the Farmville addiction, you should consider going cold turkey by uninstalling the game completely. This may be difficult at first, but after a few weeks you will completely forget about the Farmville.

  8. And last but not least! My own personal add on….get into Mafia Wars! Or Cafe World! Or any of the other hundreds of Facebook games! Kidding! Now, GO READ A BOOK AND TURN ON WIL!!! :)))))