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Valentines Day Secret

The Secret to WHY Valentines Day means so much to so many women!

We can all probably agree that it is thanks to Hallmark, restaurants and the chocolate making factories for putting such pressure on the “National Night of Romance”, otherwise known as “Valentines Day”, on so many poor guys who have not a clue either why V Day is SO important to us gals, or what is the right thing for him to do to make us happy!

First off guys, I’m gonna let you in on a well guarded secret that many of my women friends will probably not be too happy with me for letting this certain feline out of the bag. Sorry, but I AM a Leo after all. Okay, back to the big reveal! The reason Valentines Day means so much to us ladies is pretty simple: Women spend so much time taking care of everyone else’s needs. Valentine’s Day is the one day where we know it’s just about us. See? Told you it was simple. The reason why some of my gal pals will be mad at me for letting guys in on this? Because you should ALREADY KNOW this about us! :) But, seriously, we’re not making excuses or anything, it’s just how we’re wired…who we ARE. It is in our gene codes to take care of others. Our significant others, our kids, our bosses, our work mates, our “Dry Clean Only” friends (a whole ‘nother blog on it’s own) and even our parents as they get older!

So for ONE DAY out of the whole year it is all about US. Even if we’re moms, Mothers Day isn’t really about us. It always ends up being about us getting together with the whole family celebrating how great it is to be a mom, and half the time we’re celebrating our OWN Mothers and doing the cooking and cleaning! So please, don’t count Mothers Day! Back to Valentine’s Day! Guys, the most important thing to remember above all else is to let your lady love know exactly how much she means to you and how much you appreciate everything she does. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a card, flowers, candy, a fancy dinner, a night out on the town or even a week in France (Okay, that would be pretty incredible..) but it’s about you letting HER KNOW what she means to you. You might just be very happy on how YOUR night goes on Valentine’s Day!

Now THAT’s Romance!