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How To Break Up With Friends

Do you have what I like to call a “Dry Clean Only” Friend that you is just too much work for you to keep? Here are some tips on how to “Break up” with a friend:

1. First off, make a list of all the reasons you don’t want to be friends with that person. Things like they make you feel guilty if you don’t spend time with them. Or they talk all about themselves and never ask about you.

2. Decide to what extent you actually want to break up with this person. Is it that you want to just not spend as much time with them, or just stop being friends altogether?

3. Then start spending less time with that person, whether it’s by cutting your conversations a little shorter or by making yourself less available to “hang”.

4. Don’t initiate phone calls, and when the person calls you, be polite and keep it short.

5. If this person did something awful, that’s enough of a reason, right? So TELL THEM! But keep cool, calm and collected and stay true to yourself!

6. Ask advice from your family members. They know you better than anyone and they’ll tell you whether it really is this person that’s the problem…or you!

Good luck! And may all your friends be “wash and wear”!