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Brad Paisley-Unforgettable Performance

Brad Paisley made an appearance to perform a few songs at the funeral of 31-year-old fan Allison “Allie” Greene Monday (March 7) in Anaheim, California. Allison’s family posted a video on Facebook about her love for Brad’s music and her two year battle with cancer. When Brad saw it, he made plans to attend the funeral.


Allison’s husband, Brian, got an unexpected call from Brad himself who said he would be at the memorial, and show up he did! He even performed a few songs in memory of Allison, including “She’s Everything,” “Then,” and “Celebrity.”

Brad told those gathered at the memorial, “When I was watching the video, it brought me to tears, and I thought, ‘Man, if I could just be there.’ So they said, ‘Will you be there, Brad, Monday the 7th in Orange County?’ and I thought, ‘Yeah. I am going to be there.'”


Here is a video that was taped at the memorial service. Absolutely amazing.