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Does Your Non for Profit Need Money?

Does Your Non for Profit Need Money?

Let us Host a Texas Hold’Em Tournament

For your School or Parish Fundraiser

To Raise Money For your Cause

Catch in on some of the action in this fast growing sport


Let Host a Texas Hold’Em Tournament At Your Parish Center Or Other Venue. We Will Provide A Full Staff, Casino Grade Chips, 100% Plastic Playing Cards, Projector/Screen, Blinds Timer. We Will Handle The Steps Of Registration, Pricing, Payouts, Seat Assignment, Table Changes, Blind Structures, Settling Disputes, Registration Forms, Artwork & More. Let Us Run The Event While You Enjoy It!

Contact Jeff Elking @ 314.484.1100 or

Jeff Elking Has Hosted Many Of These Tournaments For Our Parish As Well as The American Cancer Society, Lindbergh School District, And Many Other Charitable Organizations.

With Great Success and Huge Donations.

Do You Need Parish/School Building Repairs, Uniforms, Band Trips, Sporting Equipment, Field Trips and Don’t Have The Money? You Can Ignore This Flyer and Tomorrow Everything Will Remain The Same As It Is Today, Or You Can Call Us And Change Your Financial Future.