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Raising Quitters?

Hello and Happy MLK Day! Hope you are doing GREAT today and following your DREAM! I followed my own dream a few years ago and created a Video blog (VLOG) with my best Friend Kate Frisina called LipsticknLaundry: It all started because being a mom, and now a single mom at that!, I really would come up against some hard and confusing mom issues and needed to be able to bounce discussions and chats off of other moms to see if I was a “normal” mom or just plain crazy! lol! Well, it has been going on and been getting bigger and bigger, I’m happy to say and most of which is due to the fact that other moms want to discuss their every day issues just as much as Kate and I! Sooooo, WELCOME to LipsticknLaundry! I’m gonna post from time to time some of the most popular shows cuz would love to get your comments too!

This particular show was one we did because I allowed my teenage Daughter, (Who Cornbread calls “Shakira” since he can never get her name right! lol!) to quit Cheer! Now, I did have what i feel was a valid reason to do this, which I explain on the show! BUT, now I’m thinking I was wrong! Watch and let me know what YOU think!