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Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts!

According to this article here:–stress-in-america–study-released-by-american-psychological-association-.html women are becoming more and more stressed! DUH!!! Like you needed a study to tell you that!

But what I did find interesting, was WHY we are getting more stressed! And one of the main reasons is due to the fact that we are increasingly becoming the main caregivers not only for our kids, but for our aging parents! So we are SANDWICHED between major caregiving!

And one of the things that we are NOT supposed to do when we are stressed is DIET! Why? Because the minute we are told we CAN’T eat something, it makes us even MORE stressed!

For me, I find that working out (which is in the list in the article as you will see) helps me a lot in relieving stress. I started a new Boxing class at and that’s been helping my stress level a lot (I GET TO PUNCH SOMETHING!!!) And I, of course, listen to a LOT of music! So there ya go, ya turn on WIL really loud and go punch a heavy bag and you’ll feel a whole lot better!

Do you have other ways to “De-Stress”? Would love to hear them!

Think I’ll go get a piece of chocolate now….