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High Maintenance Men!

This morning on the Cornbread show we talked about High Maintenance Women. I took the test and Cornbread took it on behalf of his wife, Lisa (how fair was that! I say Lisa should have a RECOUNT!) Anyway, I was thinking…what about HIGH MAINTENANCE MEN! I KNOW They exsist! Here is a list of some of the things that I believe go into creating a High Maintenance Man:


1) He’s jealous of your mama, friends, and family

2) He’s constantly asking your opinion and doesn’t do anything without you

3) He’s overweight, and thinks its sexy, and you need to cosign it. watch out for these types they need food and attention to feel good about themselves

4) He has more than one drama queen that emerges from the past time to time

5) He owns a nervous, barking yapping dog (dog is actually sick of him too)

6) He’s definitely has some chauvinistic ways

7) He’ll wait 8 hours for you to get home to cook his meal . As if he can’t boil a hot dog or order out.

8) He’s loud in a crowd always holding court as they say..

9) He wants to have “talks” over things you said that you already forgot about that may have “bothered” him

10) He obsesses over his looks spending more time in front of the mirror than you

Care to add any of your own? ;)))