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Snickering in a Back Alley Next?

Is sugar just as bad as Alcohol and Tobacco…if not worse? Some scientists from the University of California, San Francisco believe that sugar limits shouldn’t be self-imposed. They want to see the sweet stuff regulated, much like alcohol and tobacco. According to their just-released report published in the journal Nature, excess sugar consumption is contributing to 35 million deaths worldwide each year, from diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, an even greater burden on public health than infectious diseases.

Listen I am all for doing SOMETHING to help curb our obsession with sugar (mine included!) and I’m sure it also contributes to our obesity epidemic in America with our kids! But does that mean sugar should be regulated? And there is sugar in just about EVERYTHING, (Including WINE, thank you very much!) so how in the world could that be regulated? Would kids be going into a dark alley to get their “sugar fix” next?

I think it’s crazy, but what are your thoughts?

here’s where I found the info, if you want to see the entire article: