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Harsh Sentence For Parents!

JUST saw this story in USA TODAY and it REALLY UPSET ME! The parents of two children who drowned during a camping trip have been sentenced to 12 years in prison for NOT better protecting their children from harm! Do you AGREE with this or is the sentence really too harsh? Seems to me like they’ve been sentenced enough by losing their children? Was it just a mistake or do they deserve the sentence?

Here’s the Story from USA TODAY:

Parents sentenced over kids’ drowning during camping trip

By Douglas Stanglin, USA TODAY

The parents of two Ohio youngsters who drowned during a family camping trip have been sentenced to 12 years in prison for not better protecting their children from harm, The Columbus Dispatch reports.

Kasey Klein, 25, and her husband, Richard Klein, 38, the boy’s stepfather, were convicted earlier this month by a Muskingum County jury on charges of endangering children and involuntary manslaughter during the family camping trip in June, the newspaper says.

The pair, who had set up their tent about 25 feet from the rain-swollen Muskingum River, awoke during the night to find their sons, Ayden, 3, and Anthony, 2, missing.

Ayden’s body was found in the river about two hours later. His brother’s body was never found, The Dispatch reports.

The newspaper says the 12-year sentence represents 6 years in prison for the death of each child, the newspaper says.

Here is the LINK as well: