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What It Costs To Be Jennifer Anniston

Soooo there IS A secret to being 43 and the #1 sexiest woman in the world (according to one mens magazine). The cost: $141,037. At least that’s what Jennifer Anniston supposedly spends!

WOW, so if I had $141, 037 I could be beautiful TOO! I do love that Jen admits to be Lazer and chemical peel addicted, and don’t you think she does botox? Why not, right? If I had that kinda money, I WOULD TOO! She DOES look great, and she has to work out like 3 hours a day to get those abs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have THAT kind of time too? Okay, maybe I sound snarky. I am just a tad bit jealous! She looks like THAT AND had Brad Pitt! Okay, I suppose the correct term is HAD, so ya gotta feel a little sorry for Jen!

Here’s the breakdown of Jennifer Annistons Beauty cost: