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Family Vacation Craziness

Spring Break is coming up and for me, growing up Spring Break always meant FAMILY ROAD TRIP to go see my Uncle Ben on his Ranch in Santa Rosa, California. Four kids, my Grandpa (we called him “Pumpy”), a mom, a dad and my German Sherphard in a RED Station Wagon made for something of a Chevy Chase “Vacation” kind of a trip. Some of my favrorite memories as well pictures came from those trips! I am the youngest of the four. Two older brothers and an older sister. My two brothers were like Flotsam and Jetsam to me and my Sister, Shana! They would work together to get my sister and I to fight, thus getting my parents to get mad at us, thus allowing my brothers to get a good giggle in! But, me and my sister would get them back, that’s for sure when they least expect it!

For example, on my Uncle’s ranch he had a Chicken Coop and when we went to visit, it was the kids responsibility to collect all the chicken eggs. Well, if you’ve ever been around Roosters, you know how mean and protective they can be around their hens? All four 0f us kids were scared of the Rooster! Well, my sister and I one time egged (pardon the pun) the Rooster so it would attack our brothers! Payback well deserved, trust me!

I LOVED this article I found and thought it was funny on Shine Yahoo: Family Road Trips Kill The Soul DEAD! Enjoy the Chuckle!

And….Do YOU have a funny Family Road Trip story?