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Join Me!


I am honored to be a part of the Cancer Survivorship Walk! My sister, Shana and my mom, Rita are both Ovarian cancer survivors. Unfortunately I lost my sister-in-law, Ione to breast cancer after a 15 year battle. The support that is necessary when one is going through cancer is unbelieveable, as well as the support needed by family and close friends.

The Cancer Support Community is an incredible organization that offers FREE support to cancer patients and survivors, as well as family and friends. Support that includes Art Therapy, Yoga, zumba and excercise classes, nutrition classes, cooking and knitting classes and a LOT of other ways that people with cancer can receive the support and love they so need as well as reaching out to others that are going through the same thing they are!

I visited their facility today, in Des Peres, and the first thing I was struck with was the serenity and calm I felt throughout the beautiful facility! The folks that are highly trained in all kinds of counseling, therapy, nutrition and more, are giving, loving, warm and amazing people!

Did I mention this support is FREE?? Of course in order to provide these incredible services FREE, they need our help! Won’t you please join me in supporting the Cancer Support community by coming with me on the Cancer Survivorship Walk!?

Here is all the information on this link! Join the WIL/Hubbard Radio team and help out an amazing organization!