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Happy Couples Secrets

What is the secret to being a successful couple? Is it listening? Is it Sharing? Is it doing things together? My mom and dad have been together for years and years and are still happily married and very happy! They have a very DEEP friendship, respect, mutual appreciation for each others talents, and of course, a lot of love!

Having four kids within the span of five years HAD to have a put an enormous strain on their relationship, especially when we were all TEENS! But my folks always stood together, both as parents and partners, and I believe that’s why they have stood the test of time. Through a battle with Ovarian cancer with my mom, to my dad having Heart Disease and bipass surgery, they have always been there for each other…and us!

Do you have a special secret that has kept you with your partner over the years? Please, share it! And in the mean time, here are some great tips from the folks at SHINE YAHOO to help us all out!