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Pledge Explained

Beautiful touching email from listener Mike Ward about what the Pledge of Allegiance is really all about. And then he sent a great Youtube video of Red Skelton with a beautiful explanation! Here is some of Mike’s letter along with the youtube video he sent!

“At some point in my morning journey to work, I get the privilege of listening to the school kids citing the Pledge of Allegiance, occasionally even from our local elementary school McKelvey. So thank you for posting that each morning. But somehow, I would love to inform some of the teachers the purpose of our Pledge.

I am a U.S. Army Veteran of more than 24 years of military service, to include only one tour of duty in Iraq over 12 months “boot’s-on-ground” in 2004-2005. I turned 48 in Iraq and decided it was a younger mans mission. During my service, I was also on orders as a Department of the Army Honor Guard member. Not to be confused with the honorable soldiers walking the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, but I did have the career highlight privilege of training with them for 1 week in Washington D.C. So my comment is based on experience, training, education and emotion.

1. While any reason is a good reason to teach our children to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the least important is “In honor of our soldiers fighting for our freedoms.” Unfortunately, I’ve heard that reason repeated on several occasions. No soldier ever fights so that he/she can be honored. We fight honorably so that others, our children, can have and maintain the freedoms we cherish. Cards, letters, girl scout cookies, welcome home ceremonies …and prayer honor the troops that serve. The Pledge is just as it states. It’s a pledge, a promise to uphold, a character, a guide to live by. I’m sure you’ve heard it, but Red Skelton’s explanation of the Pledge of Allegiance still brings tears to my eyes but he explains it perfectly. (Link enclosed).

I really wish the kids and their teachers understood WHY they learn the Pledge and what it should mean to them. It shouldn’t be to honor soldiers. Promising to live a life that honors and respects our country and the freedoms it offers is what it means. They are also promising to keep those freedoms for future generations, a lesson that should be taught to many of our political representatives I might add.”

Thank you Mike for the humble words you sent as well as the link to this video!