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How to feel GREAT

Inspired. useful. Connected. Hopeful. Grateful.

Five GREAT reasons why it feels so good to give back. I had a great weekend which included being an Honorary Chairman along side Fox 2 News Anchor Tom O’neal at the 14th annual Cancer Support Community Walk at Creve Coeur Lake.

We got extremely lucky with the weather that morning. Especially considering what went down in St. Louis that early evening with the horrific Thunderstorm and Hail Storm. (I hope you were okay!)

What touched me the most, besides all of the amazing stories from cancer survivors and family members of those no longer with us because of cancer, was when I was approached several times in the day with WIL-ers saying they heard my message about the walk, and were inspired to come out, volunteer and DO SOMETHING!

Well, according to this article, doing good is REALLY good for YOU! I agree! And I hope you will join Cornbread, Mac and I on Team Breadhead for a race for the cure downtown on June 23rd! Here is the article: that proves my point!

And you can sign up RIGHT NOW to join Team Breadhead and be on your own journey to doing good right here: