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Seconds And Lives are Changed

Seconds can change a life. I was driving home from kickboxing today, and right before my eyes I witnessed a car slamming into a motorcycle rider. The crunch. The crash. Then the scene. In those seconds lives were changed. The car pulled out right in front of the motorcycle. Probably didn’t even see him. Or perhaps the driver of the car was texting. Tired. Talking on his cell phone. Or just not paying attention. Seconds. And lives are changed.

Both my brothers ride motorcycles. Bo is a big biker, as you probably know. I have a lot of friends who ride motorcycles. Seeing this accident, scared me. It affected me to the point that I couldn’t stop crying.

Seconds can change lives.

I write this because witnessing this accident really had a profound affect on me today. It made me think of how short and precious life is. That one might worry about their job. What they are cooking for dinner. Where they need to get their kids off too. A fight they had with a friend.

Life is precious. And Seconds can change lives.

I am praying for all involved in the accident. That the biker is okay. That the driver is okay. And it made me realize, that I too…all too often become distracted when driving. That could’ve been me in the car that hit that biker. It could be any of us.

Seconds can change lives.

Let’s all watch out for bikers (and everyone!) on the roads!

– judi