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Blake Shelton Says Something’s Got to Give

The second season of The Voice just wrapped up and Blake Shelton scored a win with teammate Jermaine Paul, but Shelon says that despite that win, the grueling schedule may be a bit much.

“At some point, something’s gotta five at some point,” Shelton tells Country Weekly. “And I don’t like it. I’ve been very vocal with the network and Mark Burnett’s production company. It’s like, ‘Man, this sucks.'”

All four of the artist mentors, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Shelton have all signed on for the third season that is gearing up to begin production, but Shelton acknowledges that the duties for The Voice may be a distraction to all four of the artist’s main jobs.

“The reason that you want the four of us is because we’re viable artists right now, current,” says the ‘Over’ singer. “And we can’t do both if we do back-to-back seasons.” Shelton says that they are all doing the fall because they’ve already committed to it and that he is looking forward to it. Shelton also says that he can not imagine not being a part of the show.

Balancing married life, a superstar singing career and duties as a television personality will be difficult, but the singer remains confident common ground can be found. “I mean, I’d love to do it from now on, but it just needs to work in a way that I can still [tour] and do that at the same time,” says Shelton. “So, something’s gotta give, you know.”