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Good Service

My AC is out. NOT FUN! Especially when temps are nearing the hundreds all week! Well, I was desperate and got a name of an AC repairman from a friend. The guy not only came out on Fathers Day (And he IS a dad), but didn’t want to charge me.

He wasn’t able to fix it completely, although he was able to rig the upstairs air enough so that me and my two kids could sleep at night. But what I liked about him is that he was honest and told me I would save money if I just went through my Homeowners Insurance (even though he was losing my business!)

I want to pass on his name and number to you, because a good and honest service company is hard to come by!

His name is Leroy Hutchins “Hutchins Mechanics and Air” at (314) 960-1368. Make sure you tell him you heard him talked about from me! He’ll help ya out!


Stay Cool!