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Why I Love My Fly Over State

I moved here from Los Angeles eight years ago, as you may have heard me mention time and again. The first question I always got was “WHY”? “Why would you leave glamour, perfect weather and beautiful people for the midwest?”

Well, I will answer that now. The one thing I miss the most about L.A. is my family. The city? Heck NO! Glamour? Only if you think Smog and traffic is glamourous! Perfect Weather? I happen to LIKE the change of seasons and a cold/crisp sometimes snowy Christmas! And the Beautiful People! I have seen just as many beauitful people right here in our own community and even more beauitful people on the INSIDE!

The proof is in the pudding, as my mom always told me. And I saw first hand what kind of pudding we make with the largest team at the Susan G. Koman race for the cure. The Breadheads. Our WIL Family! What more can I say. I start to cry every time I think about the heart and hard work our breadheads and our community share! I LOVE living in a fly over state! I wouldn’t trade it for anything! And although I was gone on Friday due to my being in the hospital (I’ll tell ya about THAT in another blog! LOL!) I got to hear a montage today on the Cornbread Show of some of our listeners reasons why they love living in a Fly Over State! Check it out here: