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What Would You BE….

If you weren’t doing what you do right now, what would you be? Or if you could all of a sudden make a career change, what would it be?

I would be an Archeologist. I LOVE what I do, and I wouldn’t want to trade it! BUT, I always thought it would be so awesome to dig in the dirt and look for Old Things! (Leo does it in our backyard, but that’s another story!)

My sister always wanted to be in the glamour and glitz of the beauty industry and she did just that in L.A. and loved it! She then changed her career to be in the Business world!

It’s never too late to change careers, and night school is really the best thing when you are working but still want to do something different with your life!

PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL ST. LOUIS is having an OPEN HOUSE ON WEDNESDAY FROM 6P-8P! It’s an amazing, acredited school that my daughter Shira and I also had our hair done at a very reasonable cost by the almost graduating students! What a great diverse group of students! All ages, all ethnicities, male, female, you name it! And they all had that “too cool for school” vibe that all hairstylists seem to own! Here’s the information for the open house!

If you ever wanted to have a dream career in the beauty industry, what are you waiting for! To dig, like Leo?