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Blake Sheltons New House

When BLAKE SHELTON is in Hollywood taping “The Voice” . . . he lives in a gaudy Roman-style mansion with marble pillars and tacky furniture.

. He said, quote, “I wanted it to be interesting enough for MIRANDA to come, and that means a swimming pool, and lots of room for dogs to run around.

–“It’s painted likeItaly. But mostly it was about the pool and the outside area, and it’s an awesome house, but it’s a little Elvis-y for me.”

–The house also has a media room . . . and Blake ended up using that as a recording studio. He said, quote, “It’s like a home movie theater that was built into this house. It’s got a stage with a wooden floor and curtains.

–“We were going to rent a studio, and I asked my producer to come here, and he thought this room would work. So I ended up doing my entire Christmas album standing in this room on that stage.