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Ten Things About Jake Owen

Jake Owen celebrated his 31st birthday. Here are ten things that you may or may not know about Jake:

1.) The tattoo on his arm is of his wife’s lips.

2.) Jake’s constant travel companion is his English bulldog, Merle.

3.) Jake wrote all the songs on his debut album, “Startin’ With Me”, and all but two tunes on his second one, “Easy Does It”.

4.) His real name is Joshua.

5.) He almost got a song on one of KENNY CHESNEY’S albums.

6.) He’s just nine credits away from a degree in English and Political Science.

7.) His first band’s name was Yee Haw Junction.

8.) Depression led him to a career in music.

9.) He originally planned to be a professional golfer.

10.) He has a fraternal twin brother named Jarrod.

How many of the ten things did you know?