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My Cars Boo Boo

So I go to close on a house today…..and get in an accident as I enter the parking lot!

And NOOOOO, I was NOT on my phone! (that was the first question my daughter, Shira asked me!)

So I called State Farm, my insurance carrier, and they were pretty quick, much to my delight and surprise! They fixed me up with a Tow Company (Big Boys Towing…very nice guy!), got me a rental car and I was back on the road pretty quick…after I signed on my new “old” house (It’s from 1950, a fixer upper but it’s mine!)

I would say, that is a complete up and down couple hours in my life! It seems there always has to be balance, right? When one thing is great, another seems to go the other way around!

But on the other hand, I am grateful no one was hurt with the exception of my trusty minivan which shall be fixed up and made new once again!