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Do you think “Once a cheater, always a cheater?”

So I was digging into the story about Leanne Rimes entering rehab and the why. Just days after turning 30 years old she put herself into rehab to help her cope with stress and anxiety. There’s also a rumor about her hubby Eddie Cibrian might be cheating. That would add stress to anybody’s world.

So the question is…Is it true…Once a cheater, always a cheater?

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When most people get caught cheating, they make promises and vows to never cheat again. Unfortunately, such promises often ring hollow. The desire to cheat is complicated and it is not solved by feeling sorry or by making promises to change (see, decision to cheat).

If you want to change any behavior, you must first determine why that behavior occurred. So, when it comes to infidelity and cheating – what factors led the person to cheat (see, likely to cheat)?

Was it too much opportunity, was it due to problems in their relationships, was it due to a need for excitement?

After you discover why the cheating occurred, you need to focus on the factors that caused it and make changes so that it does not happen again. So, if your partner cheats because he or she has too much opportunity – say he or she goes out all the time without you, then that needs to change.

Or if the cheating occurred because of a relationship problem, then go to counseling and work on strengthening your relationship (see, healthy relationships)

On the other hand, many of the factors that influence cheating, may have a genetic component – level of attractiveness, risk taking, sexual desire – making change more difficult FULL STORY

In my humble opinion…if a person has cheated I think the statement Once a cheater, Always a cheater is not true…that is if you are getting what you need emotionally and physically from the love in your life…a cheater doesn’t always have to be a cheater.