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Adult Cyber Bullying

We talk a lot about cyber bullying in reference to teens and students a lot. And there has been a big push in schools to try and put an end to cyber stalking and cyber bullying.

But what about adults who Cyber Bully?

I’ve seen a LOT of just plain meanness on Facebook and Twitter lately posted by adults. I’m not talking about political rants. I’m talking about folks that put down others to make themselves feel better. Or others who boast and brag about themselves or what they are doing because they don’t see that it is better to be unpretentious and be a positive person and not be bitter or mean.

I’ve always tried to tell both my son, Leo and my daughter, Shira to STAY CLASSY! Wether it be online, or in person. My daughter Shira had a LOT of cyber bullying on Facebook and Twitter directed toward her and is why she ended up graduating a year early and going to college. To be away from all the meanness on social media. I would never allow her to post anything negative back to those mean teens. I told her…stay “classy”, because in the end, they will move on to another victim.

Well, I see adults acting like children on Social Media and it’s just sad. What are they teaching their children?

Have you ever had someone Cyber Bully you as an adult? Would LOVE to hear your comments! And what other negative attributes on social media sites drive you nuts that your friends or groups have posted?

Have a GREAT Day!