Toys R Us, Amazon, Target… they’ll all have a hot toys list. But guess what: they’re all trying to sell toys! That’s like McDonald’s telling us this year’s hot Thanksgiving side-dish will be 20-piece McNuggets. Give me a break.
CNN — which doesn’t sell toys — has done some research and thinks these will be hot.

Illumivor Mecha-Shark
Price: $89.99 Age: 6 and up
You don’t want to mess with sharks in the ocean. But the Illumivor Mecha-Shark from Skyrocket Toys begs to be played with. The 18-inch-long, remote-controlled toy glows in the dark and chomps its teeth as it “swims” across the floor to the sound of ominous music. Besides the shark, the Illumivor collection includes three other smaller 8-inch characters — the Electro Piranha, Hydro Jaw and the Shock Angler.
Y Fliker
Price: $99-$129 Age: 5 and up
The Y Fliker is a three-wheeled scooter that works very differently from traditional two-wheeled scooters. You don’t have to kick the pavement to glide on it. Instead, the scooter is propelled as you sway your body. The foldable Y Fliker comes in three different models for kids that all have handbrakes.
Price: $24.99 to $29.99 Age: 5 and up Joe Casali, an industrial designer, got the idea for Wearables from his day job designing corrugated cardboard displays for stores. Wearables is a line of cardboard toys that kids can assemble into the shape of an airplane, bulldozer or princess carriage. Once they’re put together, kids can decorate each piece using crayons, markers and stickers. When the toy is ready, kids can put the toy on using the shoulder straps and pretend to ride in an airplane or a carriage.
Digi Fruit clock
Price: $9.99 Age: 8 and up Digi Fruit is a digital alarm clock that kids have to assemble themselves. And instead of running on batteries, it runs on fruit. The juice from a lemon or strawberry can function as an electrolyte conductor that, when connected to copper and zinc, completes a circuit to produce energy that powers the clock.
The Orb
Price: $49.99 Age: 8 and up This lightweight remote-controlled UFO toy is 8.5 inches in diameter, weighs 30 grams and features an unusual design: It’s a hollow orb with propellers in the middle, encased in a protective foam shell. The Orb can run into the floor or the wall, and the shell will help it to bounce off.
Price: $44.99 Age: 4 and up Bat-Pod is a remote-controlled bike with a Batman action figure riding it. The bike features light-up wheels, as well as voice and sound effects. It moves forward and in reverse and also does 360-degree turns.
Perplexus Twist
Price: $29.99 Age: 6 and up Perplexus Twist is a three-dimensional brainteaser — a transparent sphere that contains a complicated obstacle course that will challenge kids for hours. The aim of the game is to maneuver a small marble through the maze from start to finish. Perplexus Twist is the fourth version of the toy, and has an added level of difficulty.

Good luck and don’t get trampled!