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Are work spouses okay?

Should you have a ‘work spouse?’ In other words, a close confidant of the opposite sex at work? Is that okay, or does it threaten your at-home relationship.

Is it okay? Kinda. Experts at say it’s natural to build alliances at work, but the danger comes your relationship at home. If there are holes in the relationship at home, your work relationship could develop into an emotional affair.

Should you tell your partner about your work husband/wife? Keep it from them may be a sign of bigger problems, according to the experts. Of course, and this is my opinion, why would you even have to bring it up if there’s nothing to worry about?

What should you tell your partner if he/she is jealous of your co-worker? Ask them what you can do to make them more comfortable. If they’re not comfy with you having drinks with that person, then maybe you shouldn’t go to happy hour. It’s all about respecting boundaries.

Are there any benefits to maintaining a work relationship? Maybe so. Studies show that group intelligence increases when female brains are added to a male problem-solving group. And having an ally to help you negotiate office politics can be protective. A work relationship can “work” as long as you stay within your boundaries and are respectful of your partner.