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SOOO cute, you HAVE to see this video! A little boy got in a fight with another boy and his sister is giving him some advice including:

Gabriel, a toddler who appears to have just been in a fight with a boy who is “maybe 9, or 10… or maybe 8,” by his older sister’s calculations.

The young girl, who can’t be much older than Gabriel himself, has harsh but comforting advice for him. “You need to toughen up a bit,” she says with a clipped British accent that makes the whole scene at least fifty percent more adorable. Then, she gives Gabriel behavioral pointers any parent would agree with.

“When mom and dad say ‘don’t do that,’ you don’t do that!” Furthermore, “You don’t … spit,” she says.

Gabriel seems to be listening, but doesn’t have a response. “Think about it, think about it,” she concludes.