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Wicked Awesome Boss’s Day…here’s the winner!

I’m glad so many people have great bosses…thanks to all who submitted stories for their Wickedly Awesome Bosses…this was so tough I had to recruit people to help me pick…so the Four Tickets for Wicked at the Fabulous Fox go to listener Sue!!!

Here’s her submission:

Hi Bo,

Our boss, Sarah Jensen, M.D., here at Regional Dermatology is the most Wickedly Awesome boss on the planet!!

She opened her own practice in Festus, Missouri two years ago. All of her employees followed her to this practice from St. Louis University where we have known her since she was in Medical School. We all worked with her for years there and when she decided to strike out on her own 6 of us went with her. She is a brilliant physician, is extremely kind and caring with her patients and has a “wicked” sense of humor. She treats her staff like family. After stressful days at work we may come back to our desk and find a Margarita or glass of wine waiting for us. If she hears one of us on a particularly difficult phone call with an insurance company or other issue, she will come in and give a shoulder massage!

She may take a Friday off from time to time and she will tell me to suprise the staff and close the office completely, the entire staff is paid for the day and gets a day off without having to use vacation time. She may just close the office for an afternoon if we all have Spring Fever just so everyone can get outside and enjoy the rest of the day.

She plans dinners for us, pays for Christmas parties out of her own pocket in addition to giving a Christmas bonus to everyone in the office.

She pays for our health insurance at 100% and also offers us a 401K plan.

If there is inclement weather she will close the office because she does not want staff or patients to risk injury trying to drive on ice and snow.

(Staff is paid for those days too without using vacation)

The other day, she was driving behind an older gentelman on her way to work and when exiting the highway he hit the curb and flattened his tire. She stopped, got out and called AAA for him as he did not have a phone. She had to leave because she had patients starting at the office but when she got here she sent one of us back to him and his car to wait for AAA with him because she was worried about him being left alone with a disabled car.

In addition to having her own practice and caring for us and her patients she has a father who suffers from dementia and 3 small children at home that she takes care of.

She is just such a lovely and generous person. She goes above and beyond for her patients, family and staff.

We all work very hard for her because we absolutely love her! We could not imagine working for anyone else ever again!

We would love to give her these tickets so she and her husband could enjoy a night out!

She so deserves it!

Please consider Sarah Jensen, M.D. when you are making your decision about the most wickedly awesome boss in the world!

Thank you,