As if overdoing it on your dinner isn’t enough on Thanksgiving, TV networks also give you plenty of opportunities to overindulge in many of your favorite movies and shows by airing marathons of all sorts over the Thanksgiving weekend.

All times Eastern…

Duck Dynasty Marathon – Nov. 21 at 6pm-Nov. 22 at 4am on A&E.

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Marathon – Nov. 21 at 6pm-Nov. 22 at 6am on TLC.

Bond Movie Marathon – Nov. 22 at 12am-Nov. 24 at 5:30am on Syfy. If Skyfall got you excited about revisiting the other James Bond movies (or discovering them for the first time), you are in luck with this two-day (with a break at 8pm on Nov. 23 for WWE Smackdown) airing of various 007 titles, which includes the first two Daniel Craig appearances as Bond (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace); the very first Bond film (Dr. No with Sean Connery); and more.

Swamp People Marathon – Nov. 22 from 8am-2pm on History.

Castle Marathon – Nov. 22 from 10am-11pm on TNT.

Friends Marathon – Nov. 22 from 11am-6pm on TBS.

Friday Night Lights Marathon – Nov. 22 from 1pm-8pm on ESPN Classic.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent Marathon – Nov. 22 at 2pm-Nov. 23 at 2am on Oxygen.

House Hunters and House Hunters International Marathon – Nov. 23 at 6:30am-Nov. 24 at 3am on HGTV.

Storage Wars Texas Marathon – Nov. 23 from 8am-3pm on A&E.

Fringe Marathon – Nov. 23 at 10am-Nov. 24 at 3am; and Nov. 24 at 10am-Nov. 25 at 3am on Science.

Duck Dynasty Marathon – Nov. 23 at 3pm-Nov. 24 at 4am on A&E.

Law & Order: SVU Marathon – Nov. 24 at 1pm-Nov. 25 at 2am on USA Network.

Extreme Couponing Marathon – Nov. 25 from 2pm-8pm on TLC.

Storage Wars Marathon – Nov. 25 at 4pm-Nov. 26 at 4am on A&E. Episodes of Storage Wars Texas and Storage Wars.

Sex and the City Marathon – Nov. 25 at 5pm-Nov. 26 at 2am on Style Network.

Pawn Stars Marathon – Nov. 25 from 7pm-11pm on History.

… Full list here.