Men aren’t tough to shop for, but steer clear of these gift ideas (unless he requests them).

Gym membership
What, we’re not fit enough already? This not-so-subtle suggestion that we need to get in shape won’t convince us to get off the couch, but it will be grounds for retaliation with your gift next year.

Silly gadgets
Stores like Brookstone and Sharper Image are the go-to gadget stores for the hard-to-shop-for male. But please, no more 3-in-1 pens or motorized grill brushes. We already have regular versions of these things that do the job without batteries and buttons.

Men either already wear a specific cologne or choose not to wear any. Your random scent selection won’t fit into either of those categories, but it will sit unused in our bathroom medicine cabinet forever.

Tools (for a certain project)
This one may have you scratching your head since men enjoy their power tools, but hear me out. Men know when you want us to complete that household project you’ve been nagging about. Your gift says, “Now you have no excuse not to redo the bathroom!” Turning a gift into a chore will turn any man off. Do you like it when we give you a vacuum cleaner?

File this gift under the “boring” and “forgettable” categories. No man is going to get excited to unwrap a new tie, much less throw it on for a day at the office. Useful? Maybe. Fun? You’ve got to be kidding.

Nose hair trimmer
While you’re at it, skip any other gift that adds, removes, or colors hair.

Personalized stuff
Personalized gifts aren’t only tacky, but we probably don’t need it whether it says our name or not. I’m talking about mugs, shirts, aprons, or anything else that says “World’s best dad/uncle/brother.” Find another way to tell us how great we are.

Framed pictures
We get it, you’re going for sentimental. But guys don’t enjoy sentimental gifts as much as fun ones. We can appreciate couple or family photos to glance over at from our workplace desk, but don’t expect us to be excited about unwrapping this.

Gag gifts
Everyone’s seen the singing fish now, and we don’t need to see it again. Gag gifts are good for a quick laugh, but that’s it before they’re tossed out or take up residence in the garage.

Decor is another one that’s never going to top the list of things men think about on a regular basis. Best case: We hang it up and never notice it again. Worst case: It’s off to Goodwill.

Coupons for favors
While women might love a coupon for a “Special dinner date night” or “Back massage,” men won’t be excited to unwrap this one