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Got the flu? FB helps you find who to blame.

It’s the worst when you get sick…Sniffly, stuffy, sneezy and achy and want someone to blame, just to make yourself feel mildly better? There’s now an app for that. “Help, I Have the Flu” is a new Facebook app that trolls through friends’ profiles looking for keywords such as ‘sneezing,’ ‘coughing,’ and ‘vomiting’ as well as check-ins to find the culprit who may have passed on the virus.

… Clicking on the “Who Made Me Sick” button on the Facebook page will track down prime suspects, such as those who’ve mentioned the word ‘flu’ in their status updates or those who’ve had multiple late night posts, as sleep deprivation, the app reasons, puts people at increased risk for catching a cold.

… The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has an app that tracks flu activity reports in the US through podcasts and feeds.

Hope you feel better…RROOFF (that’s not a sneeze)