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Q & A With Jana Kramer


 A Q & A with JANA KRAMER.  Nothing earth-shattering was covered . . . although it is nice to know we won’t be seeing her wearing mom jeans.  Here are the questions . . . followed by her answers:

Question:  What game show would you just love to be a contestant on? 

Answer:  “‘Family Feud’.  I play it on my phone every day.”

Question:  What’s a fashion no-no for you? 

Answer:  “It would have to be mom jeans!  Can’t do it.”

Question:  Do you have any phobias? 

Answer:  “I hate spiders!”

Question:  What’s the last movie that made you cry? 

Answer:  “‘Water for Elephants’.”

Question:  What’s your latest web obsession? 

Answer:  “I’m going on all the time right now.”

Question:  Have you ever been mistaken for another celebrity? 

Answer:  “Yes!  One time I was in Beverly Hills and I was mistaken for JENNA DEWAN.  The people were like, ‘Hey, how’s CHANNING [TATUM]?'”  (–Jenna is married to Channing, and they costarred together in the movie “Step Up”.)

Question:  The most fun I ever have is when . . .

Answer:  “I’m up north in Gaylord, Michigan, with my family.”

Question:  Who do you love to follow on Twitter?

Answer:  “@notjakeowen.”