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Find Out Exactly How Smart Your Dog Is

If you’ve ever said…My dog is the smartest dog…then this is for you.  There’s a new test for sale, developed by doctors and scientists and other brilliant minds, that can tell you EXACTLY how smart . . . or dumb . . . your dog is.

–The bad part?  It costs $60.  For $5, I bet we’d all do it.

–The test is available at, and it’s an online test.  For the test, your dog does a bunch of games and tests their brain on everything from memory to reasoning to compassion.

–They’re keeping the details of the games pretty locked down.  The one they show online has you putting two treats on the ground and pointing at one . . . then seeing if that’s the treat your dog eats first or not.

–Then you get a full results breakdown on your dog’s intelligence and personality.  It also tells you which of the nine major dog personality categories it falls into . . . like the “Einstein” dog who is great with physics, or the “Maverick” who’s independent.

–Dr. Brian Hare from Duke University is the head of Dognition.  He says, quote, “We’ve had a revolution in our understanding of animal psychology.”  And using the breakthroughs, this test supposedly CAN figure out what’s on your dog’s mind.