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Didn’t Shave, just losing my hair naturally….

Cornbread with sidekick Judi Diamond in tow for support, along with evening WIL Jock – Derrick Keith, teamed up this past Saturday in what first appeared as a friendly rivalry to see who would shave their head and stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer and raise the most money in support of St. Baldrick’s.  Local restaurant – Helen Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub – teamed up with St. Baldrick’s for the 10th annual head shaving event.  The stage was set for Cornbread and Derrick Keith to battle it out to see who could raise the most money!  Cornbread raised the stakes by selling his bald head as ad space to the highest bidder.  WIL advertisers and listeners took Cornbread and Derrick’s rivalry very seriously by participating on a daily basis with their pledges to shave.  Check out Cornbread’s audio to see who the LARGEST donation ended up coming from.

Which of the guys ended up being the bald beauty and shaved it all off?

Check out the photo gallery below and see for yourself.

Impressively, these 2 guys in a matter of days raised over $39,000 for St. Baldrick’s.  St Baldrick’s is home of the head-shaving event – an easy and fun way to raise money for a very serious cause.  Their motto:  Have fun. Raise money. Cure Childhood Cancer.  Learn more about St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Currently, St. Baldrick’s is counting up the proceeds and are fairly confident they have hit a half million dollars, but it isn’t official and we will update the final numbers once we receive them. But also know, that the event day final, isn’t really final, because it will continue to grow due to the event being “open” year round.  Folks can continue to give on-line year round, so whatever number we give you in our update, it only has potential to grow over the next few months.