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10 Things Your Neighbors Won’t Tell You

How well do you think you know your neighbors? The Wall Street Journal released a list of things that you may want to think about before interacting with your neighbors. Find the full list here.

What your neighbors aren’t telling you…..

1. “Complaining will cost you.”

Sometimes just letting the little things go can save you from having a bitter neighbor sue you later!

2. “I will use your Wi-Fi — and might get you arrested.”

Almost 1 in 3 neighbors admit to using their neighbor’s internet service!!! ALWAYS LOCK YOUR WI-FI!!!


3. “Good luck blocking out our din.”

NOISE is a top complaint! Barking dogs, loud music, car and house alarms and domestic arguments.

4. “I’m a registered sex offender.”

This is a big one for parents out there, and it hurts your home value! Registered sex offenders living nearby can reduce a home’s value by 9%.

5. “We’re ripping up the flower beds and planting corn.”

Flower beds and landscaping are usually more curb appealing than an herb or vegetable garden, but I’m kind of ok with this one. It makes sense to grow your own food if you can.

6. “My bed bugs need neighbors too.”

This is a big issue for people living in apartments and condos and can cost you BIG!

7. “I’m secretly stealing your land.”

Keep an eye on your property line!!!

8. “Our bad behavior will give the whole block a bad name.”

Living near lawbreaking neighbors puts the pressure on to pay out more money on fences, security systems, and cameras. 

9. “We’re not paying our mortgage.”

Foreclosed homes bring down the values of all the house surrounding it.

10. “You’re moving? I’ll cut $20,000 off your sale price.”

Be careful about the house complaints you tell your neighbors. When it comes time for you to sell, they could spread the details of your house to perspective buyers and cost you!


Just some things to think about before you ask your neighbor for some sugar or invite them over for a backyard BBQ!