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Vinson Mortgage Brands CB’s Melon

Big THANK YOU to all the donations we had to St. Baldrick’s to help cure childhood cancer!!! And congrats to our winner, Vinson Mortgage Group with an amazing donation of $9,999!!! They get the honor of renting out Cornbread’s melon for an entire month!!!

We got the best people in town to brand Cornbread’s head with a henna tattoo! Suman Chandel did amazing work on CB’s over sized melon! You have to check this place out. She even hooked me up with my own stunning henna tattoo on my wrist!


The Big Reveal caught live! I think we embarrassed Amy! 😉 We are so happy with the outcome. Thank you Suman from Henna Art Designs and Vinson Mortgage for making this all possible!!