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U.S. News and World Report examined occupations in which workers earn far less than median pay, and compared that to jobs in which workers say the stress is high, and whether their work makes a difference in the world. With that they came up with a list of the most underpaid jobs.

  Assisted living coordinator: (Median mid-career salary: $36,900) These are folks that help organize the care of seniors.

  Daycare director: ($32,100)

  Police, fire, or ambulance dispatcher ($39,300) Handling emergency calls is one of the most stressful desk jobs you can have.

  Office nurse ($42,700) Nurses these days provide much of the care a doctor used to – but get paid far less.

  Medical insurance coordinator ($34,600) They make sure all the paperwork is squared away between patients and insurance companies. When there’s a problem, they’re the first to hear about it.

  Lead pharmacy technician ($34,900) They fill prescriptions under the direction of the pharmacist, but have little interaction with patients, and with pharmacies under constant pressure to cut costs, they’re always in the cross hairs.

  Veterinary technician ($32,800) Lavish pay for the care of your precious pet goes by the wayside during lean times.

  Social worker ($42,300) High reward for helping those people that need it — but famous for pay that barely covers the bills.

  Emergency medical technician/paramedic ($39,600) EMT’s love the unpredictable nature of their work, and even the occasional danger that comes with the job, because they’re clearly not in it for the money.

  Artistic director: ($48,200) It takes years to become an artistic director at a theater, concert hall, or performing arts company. But public funding cutbacks make it a difficult career.