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Buy someone elses wedding…Yup they do that now!

In my opinion this is the best idea of the year — buy someone else’s wedding. A new business called Bridal Brokerage takes broken dreams and resells them at bargain prices. Founder Lauren Byrne connects brides-to-be with brides that were forced, for whatever reason, to cancel their wedding. Cancelling a wedding means losing a lot of money from reservations and contracts. Bridal Brokerage supplies an avenue to take over those contracts for a fraction of the cost.

… The website’s chief marketing officer says: “When somebody goes and cancels a wedding, they’ve usually spent a whole lot of money on deposits and pre-payments and before Bridal Brokerage launched, they were just losing all of that money. We found that new couples might be willing to take over those deposits and then pick up the balance of the contract and purchase the rights to these beautiful pre-planned weddings at a fraction of the cost.”

But, is it creepy taking over someone else’s wedding venue and date, or worth it for the money saved? Would you do it?