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Tell The Truth….Confessions of a BFF

….Do you have a Co-worker that does something that drives you nuts but you are afraid to tell that person?

Now is your chance!  Well, at least you can spew it here!

Do you sit in a cubicle next to someone who talks too loud on personal calls?  Or how about that worker who wears just a wee bit too much perfume?  What about how they dress?  Does that drive you nuts?

Right out of school I got a job working in an office answering phones.  This one lady I worked with was really sweet, but she did something that absolutely drove me up a WALL!  She would crack her gum!  And the woman ALWAYS was chewing gum!  I wanted so many times to tell her to knock it off.  But, of course, I didn’t.  After all, she wasn’t hurting anyone.  And there certainly was no law against chewing gum in the office.  Unfortunately for me, her desk was just close enough to wear I sat and answered phones to hear her gum cracking constantly.  It was so bad, that I finally quit. And it was a good paying job too!

Should I have said something?  Would you?  Have you ever had a similar situation?

Thanks for being part of the BFF Club!