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Need A Date? GET GUTZY!


How far would you go to meet that special someone?  Would you advertise that you’re single on your clothing?  This is the thought behind a clothing line called “Gutzy”.  The world’s First clothing line empowering singles.

Here’s the video explaining what it is from the founder and the creator:

Here’s what the site says, and the link to the site, btw, is here if you’re interested:

  • Today, there are 54 million single men and women in the United States.
  • 40 million of us have tried online dating with somewhat mixed results
  • Engaged and married men and women have a symbol (a ring) to show the world they’re TAKEN
  • Single people need something to show the world they’re AVAILABLE and APPROACHABLE!

So…singles out there in Kickstarter-land, It’s time to be Gutzy.

The Gutzy “meet me” wear line helps single men and women take the initiative to find a love connection in everyday places.

Gutzy Wear Ladies T
Gutzy Wear Men’s T

You Should Back Gutzy Wear on Kickstarter If:

  • You’re on Kickstarter — CHECK
  • You want to back a really cool project and get your hands on some sweet rewards — CHECK
  • You watched and loved our video — CHECK
  • You’re single, available and looking for a NEW way to meet your love connection in everyday places. — We don’t know you yet, so we can’t say for you.  But hopefully — CHECK
  • You’re not single, but want to get in on the ground floor of something really special that will help millions of single people find a love connection — Again, we need to know you more first, but let’s say — CHECK
  • You’re in a relationship and remember how hard it was to find your love connection — CHECK

The Beginning of a Powerful Brand for Singles

The Gutzy brand was designed to empower single men and women to live in the moment. The Gutzy “meet me” wear line helps single men and women take the initiative to find a love connection in everyday places.

Gutzy “meet me” Wear:

  • Is the world’s first-ever clothing and accessories line that clearly identifies the wearer as “I’m single, available and approachable!”
  • Inspires/empowers singles to seize the moment and allow the laws of attraction to happen in everyday life.
  • Provides a second chance to be Gutzy — The Gutzy Connection Code provides the opportunity to connect with someone they found attractive while out, but for whatever reason were unable to meet in person.

Current Project Status

The new 16-piece active wear line is ready for production. Many of the clothing and accessory items have been designed. The supply chain is in place.

Once the campaign has reached the fully funded stage, we’ll be ready to offer the products online and at retail.

This leaves only the final barrier: funding to bring this project to life. The money raised through this Kickstarter campaign will be used to produce the new active wear, create more products and spread the word!

Please contact our campaign team if you require any additional information about this project: Kari Holt 1.480.204.7100 M-F: 8am-5pm MST.

The New Active Wear Line

Gutzy brand T-shirts and tank tops are great, but these new active wear items will really help singles be Gutzy out there:

Ladies’ Active Wear:  Long Yoga pant, Shorter Yoga pant, Cotton Sweat pant, Cool short, Longer Short, Racerback tank, Racerback bra top, Long sleeve

Men’s Active Wear:  Track pant, Sport pant, Basketball short, Jogging/Running short, Sleeveless, Beater, Short sleeve, Long sleeve

Your Rewards for Investing in Our Project

Your investment comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve gotten in on the ground floor of a singles movement whose time has come. We appreciate your support for our project and have more rewards for you depending on the level of your pledge!  Be Gutzy with your pledges too!