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This is a Men’s Health article that teaches you how to “gamify” your life. Take the tasks that seem ordinary and turn them into a game to make them more interesting. Here’s how:

1. Define your goals. Don’t think of rewards yet, just think of a specific goal you’d like to accomplish. 

2. Break it down into specific tasks. Games lead you to a larger level through a series of small steps. Break down your goal into specific tasks.

3. Figure out what motivates you. If social interaction motivates you, then complete your task with a buddy. If it’s money, then reward yourself with a little cash every time you accomplish a goal.

4. Track your progress. Track your steps for inspiration (to see how close you’re getting to your goal), and to reward yourself periodically.

5. Reward yourself.

6. Level up — smartly. Reward yourself with something that will take you to the next level. If you’re learning to play piano, for example, reward yourself with a cool pair of headphones after you’ve licked the basics. 

7. Have fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.